1. Training

  Sample video    Sample employee handbook

In a recent Restaurant Business survey, restaurateurs cited training and retaining staff as their biggest challenge. A well-trained workforce lowers turnover, heightens customer satisfaction, and increases profitability. That’s why we not only train your people to be great at their jobs, we also show them how to be ambassadors for your restaurant.

  • Service That Sells: We call our training Service That Sells! We think you’ll call it the best marketing tool you’ve ever had. Service That Sells! goes far beyond the employee handbook. We make sure every member of your staff receives expert instruction in all relevant aspects of restaurant operations.

  • Customized training: Our training programs are customized for your business and will help your staff in their interactions with customers, ensure they are knowledgeable about your menu, and thoroughly familiarize them with any technology (such as POS) that they have to use.

  • Computer-aided instruction: In addition to custom training manuals and handbooks, we offer online instruction, refresher courses, and competency testing to ensure your training goals are continuously met.

2. PCI security

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When it comes to securing guest experiences, the most important concern is your POS system. Your restaurant needs the best security protocols to avoid costly and potentially devastating consequences.

  • Use modern, secure technology: Your hardware should be tamper-proof to stop anyone from physically accessing your system. Your software should also be up-to-date and be equipped to fight off cyber threats.

  • Adhere to PCI compliance standards: PCI standards call for merchants that accept, process, store, and/or transmit credit card information do so in a secure environment.

  • What’s on your PLATE? PLATE is our program that helps restaurant owners deal with cybersecurity:
  • Perceive threats to your system.
  • Limit risk of an attack.
  • Attribute the root of the problem accurately.
  • Take action and respond to an attack immediately.
  • Evolve from the incident and take appropriate action.

3. Custom website

  Sample website

Custom designed for your restaurant, your site will feature beautiful menus, photo galleries, social media integration, and strikingly beautiful design.

  • Powerful marketing: Your website is your face to your customers. It should be an enriching and interactive experience that showcases your restaurant’s personality and brand.

  • Social media integration: Instead of just giving your customers links to “jump” to your social media sites, your site will be integrated with social media to directly display content and updates, ensuring your brand stays current and consistent.

  • Custom design: Of course you could design a website using a template, but do you really want your website to look like every other restaurant’s website? Effective, compelling, and unique design is standard with your EntréeNet toolbox.

4. Mobile friendly

Your EntréeNet site will look and work perfectly on all mobile devices. The design, functionality and experience will be optimized regardless of whether the site is viewed on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Every-device technology: Your EntréeNet website will scale to every size device. That means your site is guaranteed to look great, load quickly, and function the same way on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Local search optimization: One out of every three mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business on their smartphones, more than 60% of users called the business and more than half of those people actually walked through the door. That’s why we employ local search optimization techniques to make it easy for local customers to find your restaurant.

  • Mobile design: According to a recent survey, 80% of consumers say it’s important to see a menu before dining and 70% of those said the menus should be readable on a mobile screen. Almost two-thirds of the respondents said they won’t visit a restaurant if the menu can’t be read on a mobile device.

5. Social media

  Sample social media pages

EntréeNet makes sure your social media profiles look great and are easy to find. You’ll be amazed how much social media engagement helps your restaurant!

  • Social media makeover: You need an active and engaged audience of current and potential customers to succeed with social media. We will optimize your social media profiles to look great and engaging. We will cross-promote your restaurant across multiple social media sites to maximize your online exposure.

  • Social media integration: Instead of just giving your customers links to “jump” to your social media page, your site will be integrated with social media to directly display content and updates, ensuring your brand stays current and consistent. This is how social media is supposed to be done.

  • Positive reviews: Review sites like Yelp are increasingly important to driving business. EntréeNet is here to help with 24/7 monitoring of the most important review and social media sites. We will either alert you or prepare a quick response to all customer reviews and messages, depending on which option you prefer.

6. Email marketing

EntréeNet makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters, and view easy-to-understand reports on the results.

  • Grow your audience: Whether you’re starting out fresh or already have a large list, we provide you with simple tools to increase the size of your audience. We motivate users to register on your website and all the popular social media sites.

  • Motivate your audience: Email is one of the best marketing tools for restaurants. Our design team will build a high-impact email newsletter strategy, implement it, and track the results for you.

  • Social sharing: Our Facebook subscription app makes it easy for fans to sign up from your Facebook page and our social sharing feature makes it easy for your subscribers to share your campaigns on other social media platforms.

7. Mobile app

With an app from EntréeNet, customers can contact your restaurant, submit online orders, and perform other functions that can help boost your sales. We also build and host your mobile app as part of the EntréeNet toolkit. Our design team will supply you with your own custom graphics to post around your restaurant and encourage your customers to download your app.

  • Push notifications: Push notifications are sent alerting you when a new order has been placed even when the app is running in the background.

  • Coupons: Give customers single use or reusable coupons with unique codes. You can offer a percentage or a set discount on entire orders.

  • Online ordering: Allow your customers to place food orders directly inside your restaurant’s mobile app. Your customers can also save past orders, making future ordering quicker. Our online ordering system is built to upsell your customers and increase their average ticket size.

8. Custom graphics

Our design team will craft one or more custom pieces per month for your restaurant. We will also format the piece for print, your website and social media profiles.

  • Award-winning designers: Good design increases your restaurant’s revenue while bad design will turn away potential business. Our designers are skilled at making sure your message gets across in a pleasing, professional manner.

  • Your restaurant’s personality: Engaging and appropriate design that has been customized for your restaurant is a smart investment. We tap into your restaurant’s personality and craft the right design and best messaging to help increase your profits.

  • Mobile design: Great design has to adapt to all different shapes and sizes of technology. Whether it be Anrdoid or iOS, tablet or phone, we’ll make sure your message is readable and compelling on all devices.

9. Your dashboard

Simple and fun to use, our dashboard tool handles all your social media, menu, online ordering system (if needed), website analytics, and more.

  • Update everything from anywhere: Your EntréeNet dashboard is built for mobile and desktop use. It allows you to update your website’s content, menu, events, promotions, events, social media, and more.

  • Social media in one place: Streamline your engagement with our time-saving automation and targeting tools. You’ll have more time for meaningful customer engagement.

  • Analytics: Your dashboard provides you with complete analytics on how your website is performing. This includes complete visitor demographics as well as the number of hits and views.

10. Team support

We’re here for one purpose: to guide you through the world of digital marketing and help you leverage it to your best advantage. Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of every EntréeNet feature.

  • Your personal team: You’ll be assigned a specific team of EntréeNet pros to guide you throughout our entire process. Every time we give you an update or answer your questions, you’ll be dealing with the same friendly experts.

  • Setup & training: From the moment your EntréeNet experience begins, we’ll be with you step of the way. Expert help is available whenever you need it.

  • Regular consultations: We’re here to help you whenever you need it, but we automatically include one scheduled hour every month to discuss anything you want to talk about. It’s dedicated time to make sure everything is working properly.

11. Secure hosting

We don’t just build your website and send you on your way; we take care of the “back office” too. EntréeNet guarantees secure hosting and site maintenance so you never have to worry about dealing with a separate ISP.

  • 99% uptime guarantee: With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, EntréeNet ensures your site will be up and running whenever your customers come to visit you online.

  • Security and performance: Behind the scenes, your website and data are safely guarded with multiple layers of protection, complete system backups, and secure password access.

  • E-mail hosting: Our hosting plan includes unlimited email addresses using your restaurant’s domain. Just tell us what email accounts you want and we’ll do the work for you.

12. Online ordering

Custom designed for your restaurant, your cutting-edge site will feature beautiful menu, photo galleries, social media, and stunningly beautiful design.

  • Direct deposit: Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a transaction fee for online orders. Customer payments will be deposited directly into your bank account, just as if you had taken their payment from your POS sytem.

  • Order management: Our online ordering package allows you to manage and view past orders, track current revenue, and more.

  • Facebook ordering: Direct ordering through Facebook is another way to serve your customers and motivate your fans to keep coming back to your page. Online ordering is integrated directly into your Facebook page.